Gsus Lopez: ‘It Melts’

by georgiagmurray


Fashion Media student and self-proclaimed ‘cinephile’ Gsus Lopez has created a fashion film, It Melts, exclusively for Pigeons & Peacocks – a first for the LCF magazine. Whilst living in Barcelona four years ago, Pigeons & Peacocks was the first thing Lopez received from LCF. Rousing him to study here, the young director wanted to create this exciting new film exclusively for the magazine.

Whilst photography was Lopez’s initial expressive medium, when studying at LCF he decided to diversify towards filmmaking. The product of his immersion into the artistic process was Ephemeral Nature. Depicting the lives of a stylish upper-class couple with an unusual relationship to plastic objects, the piece won him Best Film at the ASVOFF Barcelona, and is still showcased at film festivals internationally. Lopez notes that the success of the film, along with support from his tutor Tony Charalambous, has equipped him with the courage to expand his cinematic repertoire.

Lopez stresses the importance of artistic collaboration – both between members of a team, and within mixed media. The inextricable relationship uniting film, music, art, and fashion plays an integral role in the director’s work. Referencing Edward Hopper’s influence on Hitchcock, the deafening absence of music in Haneke’s Amour, and Lady Gaga’s album title Art Pop, he declares, ‘it’s the never ending collaboration’. For him, film and fashion visualises this amalgamation of artistic forms: ‘fashion is really what makes the character – what helps the actors be the character.’

Whilst Lopez asserts that a truly inspiring fashion film is yet to be made, he draws stimulation from all aspects of life – ‘a song, a film, a photograph, or someone or something I see on the street’. Current literary influences are Genet and Flaubert, whilst fellow filmmakers David Lynch and Xavier Dolan have had a huge impact on the 27-year old. Lopez particularly admires Jean Paul Gaultier and Yves Saint Laurent for their collaborations with film, and enjoys the androgynous approach of Paula Gerbase’s 1205.

Lopez recalls the initial inspiration behind It Melts: ‘I saw a girl on the underground with a handbag of a well know brand. She was eating a crepe that started dripping chocolate onto the bag. She vaguely cleaned up the mess, but she didn’t seem to care about it too much. I asked myself, what if that bag was actually very precious – whether that means being expensive, or emotionally attached to a fashion object. I wrote down a few ideas and composed the full story for It Melts.


Lopez, production manager Anastasia Miari, and ‘a very passionate crew’ took the film from pre to post-production – a journey littered with ‘sleepless nights, endless preparation, and several challenges’. Lopez speaks highly of his cast: Jeff Kristian – with whom he also worked on Ephemeral Nature – Brazilian model Jose Wickert, and emerging talent Keira Duffy.

So, what’s next for the native Spaniard? ‘My final year project at LCF – it’s going to be a very personal short film, and highly stylised as usual’. It is clear that Lopez, with his strong narratives and creative vision, has a distinctive voice with something to tell. With the young director being heralded as one to watch, I certainly can’t wait to hear it.

(Written for Pigeons & Peacocks)